During a Storm

There isn't really a lot you can do to protect yourself or your home, once the storm hits, other than find the safest place in your home to ride it out.

Sheltering in Your Home
The strongest part of your home is usually away from windows and exterior doors. The strongest wall in a 2-story home is near the stairwell, and in a 1-story home, the strongest room is often a bathroom or walk-in closet near the center of the house. Stock the safe place with a Disaster Supply Kit that includes a first-aid kit, a supply of food and water, flashlight, games for the kids, blankets, a mattress and battery-powered radio. Listen to the radio to keep informed of updates.
inside during a storm.jpg
Safety Precautions
You will probably spend only a few hours in your safe place. Don’t go outside if it suddenly becomes calm. The storm’s eye is followed by the most vicious part of the storm. Your roof may leak, rain may blow in around doors and window, and limbs or trees may fall on your house. Don’t go outside to try to repair the damage. If flooding threatens your home, turn off electricity at the main breaker. Avoid using the phone, except for serious emergencies.

Also, beware of lightning. Stay away from electrical equipment. Don't use the phone or take a bath/shower during the storm.