Get A Kit

Planning for Hurricane Season

  • Learn the location of the nearest shelters.
  • Check emergency equipment (flashlights, first aid kits, extra batteries, etc.).Adequate supplies.jpg
  • Stock your Disaster Supply Kit.
  • Keep gel packs in the freezer, ready to put in a cooler.
  • Keep a full tank of gas in your vehicle.
  • If necessary, register individuals with our Special Needs Registry in Emergency Management (Special Needs Page or 352-689-4400).
  • Store plywood and plastic sheeting (to secure your home).
  • Check all insurance policies for adequate coverage.
  • Update and maintain an inventory of your possessions (serial numbers, date of purchase, price, etc.) to assist in settling any insurance claims, should damage occur, and pack with important documents.
  • Make sure you know how to adequately Protect Your Residence in a storm.
  • Have a plan to Protect Your Pet.
  • Click here for a checklist