Juvenile Justice Circuit Advisory Board

  • Monthly on the Third Thursday
Member Sector Term Term Date
Doug Gilpin Sumter County Commissioner - Circuit 5 2 years 11/14/2013 - 11/14/2015

The Circuit Advisory Boards will provide advice and direction to the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice in the development and implementation of juvenile justice programs and to work collaboratively with the department in seeking program improvements and policy changes to address the emerging and changing needs of Florida's youth who are at risk of delinquency.

In addition, the statute (985.664) provides the administrative procedures and framework for the development of effective Circuit Advisory Boards. The framework is in place to assure that each Circuit Advisory Board shall have a county organization representing each of the counties in the circuit. The Circuit Advisory Boards cannot fully represent the community they serve unless the statutory obligations of the Circuit Advisory Boards have been met.

Furthermore, the statute authorizes the membership of a Circuit Advisory Board to be comprised of:
  • Business community
  • Chief judge
  • Community leaders or youth serving coalitions
  • County commissioners
  • County police chiefs
  • County sheriffs
  • County workforce organizations
  • Department of Children and Families
  • District school superintendents
  • Juvenile justice involved youth
  • Public defender
  • State attorney