Office of Management & Budget

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1. Where can I find a copy of the budget for the Board of Sumter County Commissioners?
2. When and where are the public budget hearings?
3. What is an ad valorem tax?
4. What is a special, or non-ad valorem assessment?
5. What is the millage rate?
6. What is a TRIM notice?
7. How do I calculate my property tax?
8. What is a Taxing Authority?
9. When do I receive my tax bill and when is payment due?
10. My taxes are delinquent. Whom should I contact?
11. What is the rolled-back rate?
12. What are the fire rescue assessments based upon?
13. Why have my property taxes increased?
14. Why is the assessed value of my home different from its market value?
15. I have questions about my property's assessment. Whom should I call?
16. How can I apply for a homestead exemption?
17. What are bonds?
18. Where can I obtain a copy of the millage rates?
19. Where can I obtain information on the County's fire assessment program?
20. How are my tax dollars spent?
21. Where can I obtain a copy of the millage rates?