Severe Thunderstorms


The National Weather Service considers a thunderstorm severe if it produces hail the size of a U.S. quarter or larger or winds of 58 mph or stronger. Severe thunderstorms are known to cause significant damage to well-built structures or cause bodily harm. These strong storms can also produce frequent and dangerous lightning, flooding and tornadoes.

Things you can do to protect your home or business include:

  • Have a NOAA All-Hazards Weather Radio and battery backup to receive important weather and other emergency-related warnings. With a NOAA All-Hazards Weather Radio, you can monitor current weather conditions and forecasts for your local area. These radios also have an alert feature which will sound an alarm followed by important weather information whenever a watch or warning is issued for your area.
  • Discuss thunderstorm safety with all members of your household or business
  • Come indoors when you hear thunder.
  • Locate in the interior of your home or business that can help provide protection for you and your family or your employees. This room should be located away from all windows.
  • Check the weather forecast before leaving for extended periods outdoors and watch for signs of approaching storms while outside. Postpone outdoor activities if storms are imminent.