Extreme Heat and Drought

A heat wave is an extended time interval of abnormally and uncomfortably hot and unusually humid weather. To be a "heat wave" such a period should last at least one day, but it can last from several days to several weeks.

You can prepare by:

  • NEVER LEAVE CHILDREN OR PETS IN A PARKED CAR. The temperature can rise to 135 degrees in less than 10 minutes, which can cause death to children or pets.
  • Please Call 9-1-1 if you see a child or pet left unattended in a parked car
  • Strenuous activities should be reduced, eliminated, or rescheduled to the coolest time of the day.  Individuals at risk should stay in the coolest available place, not necessarily indoors.  
  • Lightweight, light-colored clothing reflects heat and sunlight, and helps your body maintain normal temperatures.  
  • Drink plenty of fluids even if you don't feel thirsty.
  • Limit over consumption of alcoholic beverages  
  • Spend more time in air-conditioned places. If you cannot afford an air conditioner, spending some time each day (during hot weather) in an air conditioned environment affords some protection.  
  • Don't get too much sun.  Sunburn makes the job of heat dissipation much more difficult.