Emergency Sheltering with your Pet

In an emergency, it is your responsibility to make sure your animals are safe. If you leave your home, your pets should come with you. Don’t leave them at home. They are part of the family. If you have farm animals, take the appropriate steps to make sure they are as safe as possible and survive, too.

When bringing your pet to pet friendly shelter, please bring:

  • Current ID issued from your county of residence.
  • Proof of current Rabies vaccination.
  • County pet license.
  • Leashes and comfortable collars or harness.
  • Carriers. Make sure the carrier is of enough size for comfort. Also bring a familiar toy or blanket to help give them some comfort.
  • Food / water dishes.
  • Food / water supply for 3 days.
  • Necessary medications.
  • Specific care instructions if needed.
  • Emergency phone numbers for you or your family.
  • All vaccinations must be current to protect your animal from disease. You are responsible for cleaning up after your pets.
  • Have current identifications and a picture of each pet to improve chances of a reunion if separation occurs.
  • Don’t bring exotic pets such as snakes and lizards to a shelter.
  • If your pet is not familiar with being in a carrier, train it to become more comfortable by feeding it in there or with a favorite toy or blanket.
  • Don’t bring moist food as it may spoil while at the shelter or if there should be no power.
  • Have extra kitty litter.

A good disaster supply kit for your pet(s) should include food and water dishes, litter box with cat litter, scoop and bags, first-aid kit, leash and collar (or harness) with identification tags, dish soap, paper towels, blankets, toys, treats,  flea deterrents and medications. Label all of your pet’s belongings. Click here to download the Prepare Your Pets for Disasters guide.

 Large Animals

For large animals, such as cattle and horses, turn them out into an open pasture to reduce injury. Animals have a natural instinct of survival. Do not shut your animals up in a barn.