District 2

Sumter County District 2 Commissioner

Commissioner Gilpin resides in District 2. For the defined district boundaries, please click here

Message From Commissioner Gilpin

is a wonderful rural area with a tremendous metropolitan section in the Northeast portion known as the Villages. Since 2006, it has been my honor to serve the citizens of Sumter County and working together we have been able to keep our tax burden low while keeping our service levels high.

I believe in personal freedom and personal responsibility. I believe that less government is the best government and that people working together best solves most issues. The use of taxpayer dollars is a big responsibility and I take that very seriously. I believe in gathering all the facts and making decisions that benefit the taxpayer who we work for as elected officials.

So please come play some golf, catch a big bass and enjoy all that Sumter County has to offer!
Doug Gilpin

More About Commissioner Gilpin

Commissioner Gilpin has had a Florida Association of Counties Certification for several years. He also received his Advanced County Commissioner Certification in April, 2010.

"It is an honor to continue serving the citizens of Sumter County. I intend to continue working with my fellow Commissioners to improve services and keep our tax burden low. God Bless America! - Doug Gilpin.