Mobile Home - Residential

Submission Requirements

  •  One paper or electronic copy unless paper copy is larger than 11x17, ten we need two.
  • Two copies for paper submittals/one electronic copy
  •  Permit application
  • NOTE: Mobile home permits must be issued to an IH licensed contractor
  • Parcel identification number or 911 address.  Recorded dead if property appraisers does not match owner.
  • Survey or site plan 
  • Permit application
  • Pre-permit inspection check list for mobile homes 15 years or older
  • Foundation, blocking diagram with schematic
  • Floor Plan
  • Electrical Service requirements, panel size and details
  • Skirting requirements
  • Entrance stairs and/or decks
  • Driveway permit, inapplicable
  • Septic permit Blocking diagram - 2 copies
  • Septic tank permit
  • Driveway permit, if applicable 
  • Document showing size and age of mobile home, copy of title or purchase agreement

A notarized letter / affidavit is required if:

  1. The mobile home is in a different name than the property owner
  2. The property owner is obtaining the permit for the installer
  3. The mobile home installer is doing the set-up, but the property owner is doing the electric, plumbing, or mechanical work