Planning/Zoning/Development Review Fee Schedule

Application/ServiceAll-Inclusive Fee
Rezoning to Planned Commercial/Industrial$925.00
Rezoning to RPUD, MPD, or RVPUD$925.00
Comprehensive Plan Amendments
Small Scale$1,700.00
Large Scale$3,100.00
Development of Regional Impact
Application for Development Approval$19,250.00
Notice of Proposed Change$1,350.00
Substantial Deviation$9,350.00
CDD Amendment$250.00
DRI(e)2 Application$500.00
Development Review
Minor Development$125.00
Major Development$2,000.00
Major Development Re-submittal (Approved project)$2,000.00
Major Development Re-submittal (Unapproved project)$1,000.00
Minor Subdivision$125.00
Temporary Uses
Minor Short Term$25.00
Minor Long Term$125.00
Special Uses
Conditional Uses$6,000.00
Operating Permits
Operating Permit$6,000.00
Amendment to Operating Permit$3,000.00
Annual Monitoring$3,500.00
Change of Operator$250.00
Building Permit Zoning Verification$25.00
Other Fees
Zoning Conformance Letter$25.00
Flood Zone Determination$25.00
State Alcohol/Liquor License Verification$25.00
Lot Combination Agreement$25.00
Agricultural Structure ExemptionNo Charge
State Billboard Zoning Verification$25.00
Comprehensive Plan Volume I$50.00
Comprehensive Plan Volume II$25.00
Land Development Code$50.00
Black & White Copies (per page)$0.15
Color Copies (per page)$0.75
Color Future Land Use Map (11" x 17")$5.00
Color Future Land Use Map (24" x 36")$25.00
Color Future Land Use Map (36" x 42")$40.00