HELP! You found kittens...

Kittens are the most vulnerable population in animal shelters across the country. When kittens are too young for adoption, they are at great risk of illness and failure to thrive. Most shelters do not have the resources to care for very young kittens.

What To Do

  • If the mother is there, the mother is capable of taking sufficient care of them.
  • If the mother is not there, you should wait and check back to see if the mother has returned. She might be out hunting to feed her babies.

If you positively know that the babies have no mother

  • You can provide shelter and care for the kittens. Complete a found pet report here.
  • You can take the kittens to Animal Services and foster them through SCAS.
  • You can take the kittens and surrender them to Animal Services .


By keeping these little ones out of the shelter, you will help save their lives! The shelter can give you the supplies you need and offer as much support as possible, until the kittens are ready to join the adoption program.

The Sumter County Animal Shelter performs sterilization surgery on male kittens when they are over two pounds and on female kittens when they are over two and a half pounds; kittens will be scheduled for surgery as soon as possible.

You can bring the kitten(s) in every two weeks for a checkup and weigh-in. De-worming and vaccinations will be performed based on the age of the kittens. If you happen to find an adoptive family for the kitten(s), just let us know and we can work together to place the kitten in its new home.