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You want a pet, but you are not sure if it’s right for you or what breed you want. Or maybe you want to help an animal in need but are not sure how to help. One of the most important work of volunteers at Sumter County Animal Services is opening their homes to fostering dogs and cats.

These animals are happy to be out of the shelter and in the environment of a happy home where they can get more individualized attention and love. Whether it’s because they need additional time to recover from illness or surgery, more time to grow up or just be re-familiarized with being in a home, fostering dogs and cats can be an important step in finding their fur-ever home.  In addition, fostering a pet does not require having a lot of free time or advanced pet training skills. 

While many volunteers are interested in fostering a dog, cats also need foster homes. Kittens, especially, are some of the most at-risk animals in shelters, so providing foster homes for them is critical to saving their lives until they are ready to be adopted. 

Are you thinking of fostering a cat or dog from Animal Services? Please stop by the shelter today to meet our animals in need of foster or adoption.

If you find a new friend to take home we will have you fill out the appropriate application on site. 

Fosters are required to live within 35 miles of the shelter to facilitate treatments or surgeries that still need to be completed prior to adoption.

Available Animals to Foster