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When an animal gets adopted, it changes their life – and yours! The pet gets a home and you get unconditional love in return. It’s a win-win for everyone! Here are some adoption stories as well as pets looking for that furever home. If you have adopted from us and want to share your story, please contact us. We hope to have lots of adoption stories to share!

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Meet some of our residents at Sumter County Animal Services. They have plenty of love to give and are in need of a good home.

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Mega Adoption Event Graphic 30 dogs

Thirty dogs from Sumter County Animal Services got their furever home at a nine-county mega-adoption event recently held at the Strawberry Festival Grounds at the Grimes Family Agricultural Center in Hillsborough County.

Among the counties participating in the event, more than 240 dogs now have homes.

Of the 30 dogs Sumter County dogs adopted, many were long-time residents. Bruiser, who now has a furever home, came to Sumter County Animal Services nearly one year ago in August 2022. Other long-time residents that found a home include Luigi, Lady, Blue, Dievaa Marie, Chase, Brady and Sammy. A dog named Happy lived up to his name when he was adopted. In addition, Roxy, the one-eyed dog, is now living comfortably in her new home!

Regarding the success of the adoption event, Sumter County Assistant County Administrator, Stephen Kennedy said, “The success of the Mega Adoption event illustrates the capacity of our communities to come together to provide a home for the animals in our shelter. It highlights for our team what success looks like and provides some immediate relief to our population challenges. We could not get every available dog to the adoption event and still have many looking for their forever homes at our facility. We encourage the community to consider adopting or fostering.”

Diamond Found her Loving Home


Blade Gets a Home, New Owner Praises Animal Services

Blade has a new home and the dog couldn’t be happier nor could his new owner. Blade found his forever home over the Oct. 16 weekend when Mark Swanson visited Animal Services looking for a new a dog.

“We can't thank the people who work at Sumter County Animal Shelter enough for helping to find our wonderful dog called Blade,” said Mark Swanson. “From the moment we arrived, we received a friendly greeting at the front office, and from those who take excellent care of the dogs, and the person who helped us choose Blade, or should I say Blade chose us. Everyone that we met was professional, kind and caring. It’s quite clear the workers and volunteers love the animals and care very much about them.”

Swason had been looking for a dog for about two months until he came to Sumter County Animal Services and met Blade. “When I first met Blade he was so calm and friendly. Unfortunately, someone shot him in his leg, and I thought he'd been through a tough time, so I wanted to give him the chance at a great life. Maybe he connected with me because he could sense that,” Swanson said.

So far, everything is going very well with Blade. “He listens very well. He's friendly, smart, he knows sit and how to shake. He's a great dog. I can't believe how well he's doing and how lucky I am to have him in my life.”

Blade is approximately 1 year old. He had been with Animal Service’s care for about a month before being adopted.

“He is a very sweet boy and allowed us to medicate him while he healed,” said Elizabeth Fitzpatrick, DVM, Sumter County Animal Services.

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Adeline and Turner Happy in New Homes

With all the hard work, sweat and tears that come with managing an animal shelter, successful adoption stories go a long way to fortifying that the work being done is rewarding and meaningful. Two recent successful adoptions help prove that reality.

Adeline was adopted the weekend of Oct. 29 and according to her new owner, she settled into her new home immediately. “She fits into the family like a glove and our other dog absolutely loves her,” said Jane Dalton. 

When Dalton visited Sumter County Animal Services, she said she liked Adeline’s size and soulful eyes as well as her “chill personality.” 

Dalton and her husband recently lost one of their dogs to cancer, so they were looking for a companion for Koda, a 15-year-old, 6.5-pound shi-poo. Like any stray dog, Dalton said they’ve been working on basic commands and getting Adeline comfortable in a home situation. It seems Addie is getting quite used to her new home.

“She is a very friendly dog and will approach someone for pets by crawling to them,” Dalton said. “And, of course, she loves hugs and kisses.”

The Daltons will keep Adeline as her name, though usually call her Addie.


Another recent successful adoption is one that is even sweeter. Turbo was surrendered to Sumter County Animal Control Oct. 3, 2021 and was there for a year when Sharon Smallwood came along. Turbo, now named Turner, is a special needs dog that has a facial deformity and missing teeth. That didn’t stop Smallwood from giving Turner the home and love he deserves.

“Turner is one of the sweetest dogs that has ever been in this house,” Smallwood said. “He listens and promptly abides to the request given. He also loves his toys and orthopedic bed. He is the perfect companion.”

Smallwood added that Turner’s vet is impressed with the medical care he received while at Sumter County Animal Services, which is a testament to the care and hard work provided by Animal Services workers and volunteers.

“I want to thank Sumter County Animal Services for the care given to this wonderful fellow and for not giving up on him,” Smallwood added.

Sumter County Animal Services enjoyed its best adoption month ever in October with 70 pets getting furever homes. Even with that success, there are still plenty of dogs and cats like Adeline and Turner that need a chance and a home.

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