Boards and Committee Vacancies

Sector Board/Committee
Employer Representative Affordable Housing Advisory Committee (AHAC) Apply Now
Architect Construction Industry Licensing/Fire Code Board of Appeals Apply Now
County Resident Industrial Development Authority Apply Now
At-Large Member-5 positions Library Advisory Board Apply Now
DCF Mental Health Representative
Director of Detention Facility of Juvenile Justice
Probation Officer of Juvenile Justice
Public Safety Coordinating Council Apply Now
VAB Citizen Member Value Adjustment Board (VAB) Apply Now
Open appointments (5) - 2 appointments until general elections in Nov 2024, 3 appointments until general elections in Nov 2026 Villages Public Safety Department District (Dependent Fire District)  Apply Now through October 31

Boards and Committee Application

  1. Are you a resident of Sumter County?

    Residency is a requirement to apply to be a member for one of Sumter County's Boards and Committees.

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    You must be a Sumter County resident to apply to be a member of one of our Boards or Committees

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  5. Some of the Boards and Committees appointed by the County Commission are required to comply with Chapter 112, Florida Statutes; the Financial Disclosure Law. If applicable, would you be willing to file the required financial statement?*
      1. Appointees will be required to attend meetings in accordance with the adopted policies of the County.
      2. Do you affirm that your personal and business affairs (if applicable) within Sumter County are in substantial compliance with all county regulatory and taxing authorities rules and regulations?*
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