Lake-Sumter MPO

The Lake-Sumter MPO was established on Feb. 25, 2004, after the 2000 Census determined the Leesburg-Eustis Urbanized Area and the Lady Lake Urbanized Area each had exceeded a population of 50,000. The purpose of the MPO is to provide a forum for a coordinated, comprehensive and continual transportation planning process. This process is critical in providing a safe, effective and cost efficient transportation system. The Lake-Sumter MPO is responsible for the planning of several modes of transportation including highway, transit, bicycle, pedestrian and paratransit.

MPOs were first required by the Federal Highway Act of 1962 to provide a 3C (coordinated, comprehensive, and continual) transportation planning process by local, state and federal officials. In 2003, the governor of Florida designated the Lake-Sumter MPO as the official MPO for the urbanized area of Leesburg-Eustis and Lady Lake urbanized. There are more than 300 MPOs across the country.