Rental Assistance

Section 8 Program

The Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Rental Assistance Program has been transferred to Citrus County Housing Services effective October 1, 2011.  The transfer is a result of diminishing funding allocations and planned reorganization of the Sumter County Housing Department.  All administrative responsibilities of the program will be under the direct control and supervision of Citrus County.

  • Existing voucher holders may continue to live in Sumter County for the duration of their voucher.  They may move to Citrus County if they so choose as long as they are in compliance and all required notices are provided to the landlords and the housing authority.
  • Landlords will continue to receive housing assistance payments as before, though these payments will be generated by Citrus County beginning with the October rent.
  • Eligible waiting list applicants will be offered vouchers to live in Citrus County as they become available.  If the applicant is next in line for a voucher and they choose not to live in Citrus County, or they are not eligible, the next eligible family on the list will be offered the voucher.
  • Citrus County staff will be performing housing inspections and recertifications on a regular basis.
  • Citrus County staff will be available by appointment in Sumter County.  Staff will be sharing office space with the Sumter County Housing Services.

For rental assistance questions or information, please contact Citrus County Housing Services at 1-352-527-7520.  Their main office is located at 2804 W. Marc Knighton Court - Key #12, Lecanto, FL. 34461.

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