Traffic and Stormwater Engineering Division

  • The Traffic and Stormwater Engineering Division provides many different services within the Public Works Division. Some of the services include Canal Maintenance, CDBG Coordination, Driveway Permitting, Flood Control, GIS Functions, Guardrail Program, Highway CIP Program, Highway Safety and Traffic Engineering
    Pavement Management Program, Road Contracts Management, Road Survey Management, Roadway Inspections, Road Marking Program, Road Vacating, Stormwater Management, Unpaved to Paved Program Management and Utility Permitting.
 Utility Permitting
  • A utility permit is required for the installation, maintenance, and operation of utility facilities such as pipe lines, pole lines, buried cable, and conduits upon state highway right of way and properties under the jurisdiction of the Department of Transportation. Please click here to download the utility permit application.
Honorary Designation of Roadway
  • Roadways having an honorary designation are not officially re-named nor does the Sumter County Honorary Designation of Roadway Policy alter the existing 911 street numbering system. If interested in an Sumter County Honorary Designation of Roadway,please review the Policy. Click here to download the policy.