Public Works Department

The Public Works Department strives for operational efficiency and sustains a commitment of excellence to ensure the protection of public health, safety, and the welfare of the citizens of Sumter County through the Planning and Design, Construction, Operations, and Facilities and Parks divisions.

  • Planning and Design is responsible for the planning and design of the County's Capital Improvements Program which includes the following programs: Pavement Management, Advanced Traffic Management Systems (ATMS) Signals, Stormwater, Sidewalk, traffic studies, and the review and coordination of utility, commercial driveway, and developmental permits.
  • Construction is responsible for the construction and inspection of all capital improvement projects. This includes managing the County’s pavement preservation contracts and the maintenance of Stormwater and bridge facilities. 
  • Operations maintains and operates the County’s roadways, signs, signals, canals, drainage systems, driveways, culvert repairs, repair, and maintenance of all guardrails and bridges.
  • Facilities and Parks is responsible for the repair and maintenance of all county structures, parks, and monuments. This division manages contracts that include landscaping and mowing, janitorial and plumbing services, and provide electrical support to the facilities to keep them in optimal condition. The division also oversees vertical construction projects for new facilities added to the County.