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7375 Powell Road, Wildwood, FL 34785 

Any person requiring reasonable accommodation at this meeting because of disability, physical impairment, or interpretation needs should contact the County Administrator's Office, 7375 Powell Road, Wildwood, FL 34785 (352) 689-4400 at least two days before the meeting.

 April 12, 2023 
10:00 AM

Meeting Called to Order


Pledge of Allegiance


Public Forum


Approval of Minutes


New Business


2023 Affordable Housing Incentive Review and Recommendation Report for SHIP Affordable Housing Incentive Strategies

Incentive A:  The processing of approvals of development orders or permits, as defined in Section 163.3164 (7) and (8), Florida Statutes, for affordable housing projects is expedited to a greater degree than other projects.

Incentive B:  All allowable fee waivers provided for the development or construction of affordable housing.

Incentive C:  The allowance of flexibility in densities for affordable housing.

Incentive D:  The reservation of infrastructure capacity for housing for very-low-income persons, low-income persons, and moderate-income persons.

Incentive E:  Affordable accessory residential units.


Committee members whose terms expire on July 12, 2023

  • Liz Roberts - Building Industry
  • Amber Tucker - Areas of Labor Activity
  • Sandra Woodard - Low Income Advocate
  • Gene Barton - Non-profit Housing Provider
  • Danny Smith - Real Estate Professional
  • Melanie Peavy - Local Planning Agency
  • Matthew Yoder - Employer Representative

Member interested in continuing to serve on the committee must submit an online application by May 22, 2023 at  The Board of Sumter County Commissioners (BOCC) will be notified of the upcoming vacancies at their regular scheduled board meeting in June of 2023.  Any applications received will be presented to the BOCC for consideration the following meeting.


Next Meeting

July 12, 2023 @ 10:00 am at 7375 Powell Road, Wildwood, FL  34785


Motion to Adjourn