Error Message with Online Submissions

If you receive an error message while completing an online application that says, "String or binary data would be truncated. The statement has been terminated." this means there are too many characters in the field. You will need to shorten your description. 

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1. What does not require a permit?
2. How do I apply for a building permit?
3. How do I pay for a permit?
4. Who can apply for a building permit?
5. Can I extend a building permit?
6. How long is a building permit valid?
7. What is the turnaround time after I submit a building permit application?
8. How do I get a driveway permit?
9. How do I schedule an inspection?
10. When will the building inspection be set?
11. Can I find out when during the day my building inspection will be done?
12. What codes are we using?
13. What is the wind speed design criteria in Sumter County?
14. Error Message with Online Submissions