Are mobile homes allowed?

Mobile homes constructed to Federal Housing and Urban Development (HUD) standards are allowed in Sumter County depending on the property zoning.  If the property is in the City of Bushnell (352-793-2591) or Wildwood (352-330-1330), please contact the respective city.  

The unincorporated Sumter County and the City of Coleman allow mobile homes in the following zoning districts:  A10, RR5, RR2.5, RR1, R2M, R4M, and R6M.  

Unincorporated Sumter County and the City of Coleman also allow Class A mobile homes on any property where a house can be permitted:  A10C, RR5C, RR2.5C, RR1C, R2C, R4C, and R6C.

The Cities of Webster and Center Hill allow mobile homes in zoning districts: A10C, RR1 & R6M.

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