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Building - Submittal Requirements - Commercial - Checklist

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  5. A. SITE
  6. 1. Complete Building Permit Application including parcel identification number or 911 address. Recorded deed, if property appraiser, does not show current owner
  7. 2. Development approval.
  8. 3. Authorization for subcontractors, if applicable
  10. 1. 3 sets of sign and sealed building plans drawn to scale including construction type, type of occupancy, occupant load, square footage, elevations, details, wind load information, etc.
  11. 2. 3 sets of general floor plan for each story showing all life safety and handicap accessibility requirements.
  12. 3. 3 sets of electrical layout with load calculations and panel details
  13. 4. 3 sets of plumbing riser diagram for domestic water and the sanitor server
  14. 5. 3 sets heating and air conditioning plan showing ductwork, grills, registers and supply duct smoke detectors
  15. 6. Fuel and gas piping layout and details, if applicable
  16. 7. Fire suppression system plan and fire alarm system plan with detail, if applicable
  17. 8. Truss fabrication and layout (signed and sealed) for each room and/or floor truss
  18. 9. Florida product approval numbers
  19. 10. Manufacturer's installation sheets, if applicable
  20. 11. 3 sets of the Florida Energy Code Compliance Forms-State Energy Code required with J forms, if applicable
  21. This is a general guideline additional documents may be required based on scope of work.
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