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Building - Submittal Requirements - Mobile Home - Checklist

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  4. A: SITE
  5. 1. Complete Building Permit Application including parcel identification number or 911 address. Recorded deed if property appraisers does not match current owner
  6. 2. 2 copies of survey or site plan drawn to scale showing the dimensions of the property, setbacks, easements, roads, wells, septic tank, existing structures and new improvements (include dimensions of improvements)
  7. 3. Applicant must be a mobile home set-up contractor to set up mobile, electrical and mechanical contractor identified on permit application, if owner/builder must personally appear. Subcontractors provide authorization to mobile home set-up contractor.
  8. 4. Pre-permit inspection check list required for mobile homes 15 years or older than permitting year)
  9. 5. For Information purposes: If the new structure will be located in the A or AE Flood Zone, the structure will be required to be one foot above the determined BFE. Under construction & Final construction Elevation Certificates will be required as proof of elevation.
  10. B. BUILDING DOCUMENTS (2 copies for paper submittals/ one lectronic copy)
  11. 1. 2 copies of the Foundation, blocking diagram with schematic of the manufacturers tie down. (Engineered Foundation will be required for mobile homes being set within the Flood Hazard Area-Reference FBC R322.2)
  12. 2. 2 copies of the Floor plan
  13. 3. Title or purchase agreement showing size and age of mobile home
  14. 4. Electrical service requirements, panel size and details
  15. 5. 2 copies of the skirting diagram
  16. 6. 2 copies of the entrance stairs and/or decks (may require engineering depending on the size and design)
  17. 7. Driveway permit, if applicable
  18. 8. Septic permit (at permit pick up)
  19. Online Submittals require one copy of documents listed above : Building plan documents that are required to be engineered must be electronically verifiable
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