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Interlibrary Loan Form

  2. Interlibrary loans are materials loaned to library patrons from other libraries. They are not a primary tool of collection development but can be used to expand the range of materials available to library patrons. Based on the varying lending rules that affect format availability, the SCLS will only submit requests for books. Based on the varying lending rules that affect recent publication availability, requested items must also have a date of publication that is older than one (1) year in order to be submitted. Patrons are limited to a maximum of four (4) items requested and checked out at a time. Interlibrary loans' lend period is varying with no renewals to ensure timely return to the lending library. Late fines on interlibrary loans are assessed at $1.00 per day per item. Interlibrary loans are only available to the patron that originally requested the item. If another patron requests the item, another interlibrary loan request must be submitted.
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  4. Resources matching any of the following criteria are not available via ILL: *High-demand/best-seller titles, *Titles published in the preceding 12 months, *Periodicals or journals, *Audio-visual resource (DVDs & audiobooks), *Additional restrictions may be applied by the lending institution.
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