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Variance Application

  1. Applicant Information:
  2. Please provide
  3. 1. Deed or other proof of ownership
  4. 2. Signed authorization if applicant is not the land owner
  5. 3. Site plan/sketch drawn to scale showing how property will be used (identify areas where the variance is being requested – setbacks, landscaping, etc))
  6. 4. Legal description of the area under application. (lengthy or complex legal descriptions may be required in digital/text format)
  7. As the owner/agent, I agree to post the hearing plaques at least seven (7) days prior to the first hearing on the property’s road frontage at the corners and at 300-ft intervals between.
  8. I understand any action on my application will be governed by Sumter County’s Comprehensive Plan and Land Development Code, and my payment of the non-refundable application fee will not guarantee approval.
  9. Under penalties of perjury, by typing my name below. I declare the above information that I have given to be true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.
  10. A public hearing before the Planning Zoning Special Master (PZSM) will be scheduled once the application is found to be complete.
  11. We will let you know the location and time of the hearing.
  12. Your appearance or authorized representative is required at this hearing.
  13. Failure for you or your authorized representative’s attendance will cause your application to be handled in accordance with the policy adopted in the Sumter County Land Development Code.
  14. Conditions of approval may be assigned to assure compatibility with the neighborhood.
  15. Hearings may be postponed by the PZSM at his/her discretion.
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